IMAGINE vacation near a seaside nature preserve in Maine. Young Posy wonders if she can to help her sister Belle who is quarantined in a hospital and begins to paint pictures for her. Supernatural messengers come to life inside the painting. Before long every one is midst of learning magic for solving love stories and saving kid’s lives. To keep up, two sisters must adapt to their culture and language of music and art. 
Posy returns to ordinary reality with a kind twinkle in her eye and her sister Belle 
with evidence of recovery no killjoy or overgrownup can deny. 
This illustrated meeting of art with nature, features more than 114 color plates , map, and lore in 36 chapters and 304 pages.

ISBN  978-1-952060-11-3 paperback sug. ret. price USD $99.99. 
Very Limited First Edition First Edition Signed Copies By Pre-Order. 
(Second Printing will be USD $49.99 for those who want to wait.)
This a cross between a graphic novel and read aloud story book with music.
Have book delivered via USPS at $111.00 USD (flat rate in USA)  Canadian Price to be determined.
Expected Release August 1, 2021.

Preorders begin May 1, 2021. Release date August 1, 2021.
Pre order edition can be shipped to a USA address at flat rate that includes the S&H etc total estimate for All color, 95 USD. Pre-orders can be shipped to Canadian address by arrangement.

Explore the world with Elegore and his friends. Sign up on authors private list is free. You'll get a sampling of stories and adventures not found anywhere else. Members get notice of art show events also.
<<<play Elegore animation video clip again>>

<<<Preview some color Elegore's habitat >>> which are part to the 115 artworks throughout the book.
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